How to play: Direct your spaceship using the mouse. Click left mouse or key Q to shoot. Use the right mouse or key W for using a skill. Press spacebar for locking a direction, use keys 1-4 for using an emoticon.

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About Zorelit.io


Let’s give Zorelit.io game a shot to challenge your abilities and meet new players from around the world. In this space shooter IO game, you will direct a spacecraft that is equipped with a lot of weapons, then, try to use them to shoot down all enemy ships for a chance of winning. You can use missiles, lasers, and torpedoes to blow them up while attempting to keep yourself alive. The game even allows you to better your shooting performance by using the new weapons that can be gathered on the ground. They all help you finish off tough enemies easily. In addition, you shouldn’t forget to pick up many orbs dispersed around in space. Your ship’s power and the level will be much more increased thanks to those orbs. The objective of this game is to rule the entire galaxy. Think you can achieve it? Join the game right now! Good luck!

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