How to play: Use keys WASD to move, turn around with the mouse, click left mouse to pick items, attack enemies or build walls, turrets. Click right mouse button or key Esc to unselect. Press spacebar for auto attack. Use key E for a fast upgrade, key T for a fast sell, and key F for a fast heal.

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About Zombs.io


ZOMBS.io is a Strategy and Moomoo.io Style IO game where you have to spend some creepy nights trying to defeat all zombies. You have to start constructing your own base, then, attempt to keep it safe when the hordes of zombies come. Place Gold Mines to produce more gold, position more turrets to defend the Gold stash and mines. Also, be sure to place walls and let them protect your base as well as stop the zombies from assaulting the towers. You are supposed to earn as much gold as possible so that you can go to the shop and start purchasing various items. In addition, you have to improve your walls through over time. Only upgrading them will make them strong enough to fight off the zombies. These enemies will appear a lot at night, so the biggest challenge for you is that how you can get to wave 100, or have to end your life. Let’s begin the game now!


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