How to play: Use keys WASD for the movements, click left/right arrow keys for rotating the cameras, use spacebar for using a booster, left mouse to fire, toggle the mouse camera view using the right mouse.

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About Warbot.io

Prepare yourself for a battle of robots in a Power-ups game called Warbot.io! You will enter an arena where you must defeat all enemy robots using your abilities. Before jumping into the action, you should pick the game mode that you want to play. When the battle starts, you must roam the map carefully trying to kill all robots standing in your way. Gather so many power-ups to improve the strength of your robot. Once you get more powerful, you will find it much easier to kill the enemies. As you level up, you will earn yourself a random perk, spend your earned gold on new robots that are much stronger and use them to conquer the rivals easily. The main objective here is to finish off all opponents so you can climb your way up the top of the leaderboard. Are you up for the battle? Let’s give it a try now!

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