How to play: Move with the mouse. Click left mouse for toggling the power and the length of your light beam.

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About Unlit.io


Unlit.io is a nice web browser game in which you have to use your flashlight to defeat the online opponents. In the game, you are armed with a flashlight that will be used to compete against the enemies. You must shine it on them then quickly steal their power as well as fade them in the process. If you want to remain invisible to others, just simply keep the flashlight off. Whenever you make a move, you should think about a good strategy so as to cope with your rivals easily. It’s very important to toggle the flashlight! The enemies can catch you in their flashlight, which means that there is always a chance for you to be ambushed by them, and once it happens, you may end up dying. You are advised to keep the light off until an unsuspecting player approaches and sneak up behind them quickly. Will you become the best player ruling the arena? Give it a shot now!

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