Uncolored Dungeon

How to play: Use WASD to move. Press key Q to go through the door. Use key B to buy items, and use key G to drop the item in your hand. Press key H for more help.

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About Uncolored Dungeon

Uncolored Dungeon

Uncolored Dungeon is a nice RPG 2D Shooter game online in your browser. You can join it for free whenever you want and use your skills to conquer all the challenges. In the game, you have to purchase some items to kill the monster. There are numerous monsters roaming around you, so try your best to wipe them out for more gold. If some monsters are too weak for you, you can attempt to beat the boss. Once you have earned gold from killing the monsters, feel free to enter a ship where you can purchase even more handy items for the fight. Remember that you shouldn’t buy all what you can afford, you need to wait until you get enough money for better items. Don’t forget to work with some friends to wipe out the bosses if they are too hard for you. Are you ready? Give it a shot now!

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