How to play: Move around the map using WASD. Aim and shoot at enemies using the mouse.

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Try playing another 2D Shooter  IO game called! In this web browser game, you have to make your way through a big map full of enemies. The only way to win the battle is to shoot down all enemies standing in your way while trying to protect yourself from their bullets. The dangers are everywhere, so if you don’t play tactically, it will be hard for you to win. Just keep shooting everybody using your guns. Also, you need to cover yourself using the walls and make sure you won’t stay close to any barrels if the bullets are flying around, or else you will get hit easily. Don’t forget to develop your strategies throughout the course of the game. You must survive as long as possible then work your way up the top of the leaderboard where you can build your ultimate dominance in this arena. Play the game now! Wish you luck!

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