How to play: Move your character using the mouse, click left mouse or spacebar for dropping a dot, use the right mouse or key F for running.

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triang-io is such a cool space-themed web browser game online letting you direct an object around in the cosmos to battle against numerous opponents. Your object is very small, so you must increase its size by gathering many dots that are dispersed around the map. Your size will be larger throughout the course of the battle. The only way to kill the enemies is to form a boxing triangle around them. You place a node, go away then place another one, try to put the final node when you figure out that it will form a triangle around your enemy. Plus, if you come across the ones that are smaller than you, you will be able to freeze them by moving over them. You’d better stay on the lookout for the surroundings all the time and use your strategies to outmatch all others for a chance of building your dominance in space.

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