How to play: Control your spaceship around using keys WASD. Click LMB to shoot at your opponents.

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About Timaleon


Timaleon is an amazing Space Combat Asteroids game where you have to perform your shooting abilities to take out all tough opponents. In the vast arena of this IO-styled game, all players have to fight for their survival and the victory. So, you must show no mercy to all opponents and quickly kill them all to obtain your goal. Move your spaceship around the galaxy carefully, aim and shoot down all enemies as well as falling objects that stand in your way while trying to protect yourself. The objects are known big moons which are extremely deadly to you. If you hit one of them, it will be a game over for you instantly. The game also lets you work with your friends to destroy tougher enemies, but you can choose to play solo if you’re skilled enough to handle all the attacks. However, two is always better one, so go work with your teammates to secure your survival. Wish you luck!

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