Terrorist Town

How to play: Use WASD for the movement. Press keys 1-5 to choose an item, use the left mouse to use an item, use key Q to drop an item and key B to open the shop.

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About Terrorist Town

Terrorist Town

Terrorist Town (or TTT.io) is one of the best team-based top-down view action game where you can take on the role of a traitor or a regular person. Each role has its own objective that you must complete. If you choose to play as a traitor, you have to terrorize and attack the town to finish off all enemies before they figure out your identity. But if you take on the role of a just common person, your main mission is to go find the traitors then quickly eliminate them before they dish out damage to the town. Every single role in the game is armed with different special powers that can be utilized to outplay the enemies. You should make good use of them when fighting against others, develop your own smart strategies through over time and stay alive until the very end of the battle to become the winner!

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