How to play: Use the mouse to take control of your character around the map.

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About Territor.io


Territor.io is a fantastic IO game that is like another version of Slither.io, but still, it has its own charms. In the game, you are supposed to cover your territory to make it larger through over time. Roam around the arena carefully when you carry out the mission, and make sure you stay watchful for the surroundings. Other enemies are doing the same task, so the confrontation between you and them is inevitable. Your line is the weakest spot here! If you can’t protect it, you will die instantly if an enemy hits it. Hence, do whatever it takes to keep the line safe during your adventure! The game gives you two kinds of bounties. You can gain double speed for 5 seconds with the speed bounty, and have more than 100 scores when eating if using the score bounty. Attempt to survive longer, track your score then reach the top! Wish you luck!

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