How to play: Thrust around by using keys WASD, fire your laser bullets with LMB, and drop your bombs with RMB.

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About Tenz.io

Tenz.io is a new Multiplayer 2D Shooter game taking place in space. The game lets you take on a role of an alien trying to control a glass spaceship around the galaxy in order to get rid of other opponent aliens directed by real players. Every player is a risk and a thorn to each other, and they will fight each other for the ultimate victory as well as the supremacy. To get rid of all enemies, you should prepare your skills and strategies in advance. Keep an eye on the surroundings, try to fire laser bullets or even drop stronger bombs so you can blow up your opponents faster. Make an effort to kill as many other players as possible, you will obtain a lot of upgrades then use them wisely to make your ship more powerful. Your main objective is to survive as long as possible then you can rule the entire space. Good luck!

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