How to play: Direct your character using the mouse, keyboard or WASD. Click left mouse, key Q or C to sprint, use the right mouse, spacebar or key X for kicking. Chat with others using Enter.

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About is a team-based sports soccer game online. You should quickly jump into it now if you are hunting for a sports game online to master. This IO game promises to suit your desire. You will team up with others to compete against the rival team. The main mission is to shoot the ball into the enemy goal to score points while trying to keep the goal of your team safe. However, you will find it so difficult to carry out when your team is being obstructed by the enemies. Therefore, you must use your strategies to outplay them. Make some excellent teamwork with your allies to prevent the opponents from scoring. You can speed up your character if you want, save your stamina for actions, get past all challenges and lead your team to the final victory. Think you can become the football champion? Let’s give it a shot right now!

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