How to play: Move your tank around the map using keys WASD. Click LMB or press spacebar to fire your enemies.

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About Tankar.io


Let’s make some excellent teamwork to take out all tough opponents in a cool 2D Shooter IO game called Tankar.io! The game is very addictive as it brings you so many challenges to conquer. You direct your tank around the arena to pick up a bunch of orbs that are spreading over the map. The orbs will help develop your size and give you more mass. While hunting for the orbs, you have to shoot down your rivals too because if you don’t, you will become their victim. After firing them, you need to consume their dead mass to power up your tank faster. You will see a lot of shapes which can be moved through easily, but when they become red, you have to stay away from them, or else your tank will get demolished. Always work with your teammates so you guys can take out the strong opponents more efficiently. The game objective is to climb the top of the leaderboard to gain the dominance. Have fun!

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