How to play: Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement. Attack with the left mouse, and use the right mouse to dash.

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About Swordz.io


Swordz.io is a tough online combat game set in a large battleground where players must fight for their glory and survival. Killing all opponents is your main mission here! You will begin it off with just a simple tree branch, and try to utilize your excellent abilities to wipe out as many other players as possible. Roam through the map to collect food, and keep your character upgraded so you can become stronger than ever, making you find it much easier to defeat the enemies. As you progress, you may unlock more weapons with better effects. During the course of the game, you should develop your smart strategies to outplay all opponents. The final goal is to become the best swordsman in the arena! The game also features two game modes, so pick your favorite one then jump into the action now! Are you ready for it? Hope you have fun with it!

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