How to play: Move your character using keys WASD. Click left mouse button to fire enemies.

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Let’s see how long you can survive in a slashing combat in! This is a famous Battle Royale game online in which you have to kill all of your opponents while defending yourself until the very end to become the ultimate winner. You spawn in the map as an unarmed survivor, then you start roaming locations to search for weapons, ammo, items, supplies with other handy equipment. These things will assist you to deal damage to your enemies. Try to use them throughout the battle, shoot down all rivals when they are in your sight and make sure they won’t be able to fire you back. Stay watchful for a red dangerous zone that keeps turning up. Don’t get close to it, or else you will die. The main objective of this 2D Shooter game is to become the last player standing. Jump into it now to begin your challenges! Good luck!

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