How to play: Use keys WASD for moving your spaceship. Click left mouse button to fire your enemies. Press spacebar to utilize power-ups.

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About is an amazing IO game about battling against other opponent spaceships and collecting the power-ups/weapons for your survival. Take control of your ship around a vast arena and try to take out all of your opponents before they kill you. Apparently, it’s not difficult to fire your enemies as you are equipped with standard weapon, or you can destroy lots of silver crates that are spawning around the map so you can obtain more powerful weapons or power-ups. Try to use them to your advantage and go slay all! When you make a progress, you will level up then you can totally unlock better spaceships. Stay watchful for the surroundings, dodge all the bullets of your opponents as well as defend your ship all the time. It’s better for you if you prepare your own strategies in advance! They will help you deal with the rivals more efficiently. Engage in this 2D shooter game now and see how long you can survive!

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