How to play: Use the mouse to direct your character around the map to capture the hexagons.

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If you have been crazy about, then surely you would be much crazier about – a new web browser game inspired by! The new game brings you further challenges and new features to play. The goal of this IO game is to capture as many hexagons on the map as possible by closing it using your colored trail and then you must connect it back to your current base to expand your realm. During the course of this adventure, you should watch out for your surroundings as the enemies will try to attack you. You will be destroyed if you let them crash into your tail, you will meet your end for sure. Conversely, if you succeed in running into a tail of an enemy, you will kill him instantly, then quickly capture his hexagons to enlarge your territory even more. You will win the game if you vanquish the whole map. Give it a try now!

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