How to play: Use key W or Z to shoot food, press key X to shoot poison, use key C to construct a wall, use key V to demolish your own wall, and split with spacebar.

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About Spred.io


Spred.io is a Strategy IO game where you meet and battle against numerous friends from around the world. Your main task is to convert the tiles, slay all the enemy cells then you can take over their lands. During the combat, you must construct a giant stronghold for defending your realm. It’s really important, and if you don’t keep it safe, your game will be over soon. Whenever you get rid of one enemy, all his land will belong to you, but you can’t own his walls. You can shoot poison to make him weaker or demolish his wall. When shooting food, you can assist a certain player or enhance your wall. Your mass will be developed from your territory. Hence, you must place walls around it, but keep in mind that the walls won’t bring you mass. Keep trying to change the tiles, and your main objective is to vanquish up to 90% of the entire map. Good luck!

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