How to play: Use the arrow keys to move your ship. Press spacebar to fire, use up arrow key to speed up, down arrow key to slow down.

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About SplashWars.io


SplashWars.io drops you in an intense arena full of chaos. You will encounter so many enemies in this 2D Shooter Strategy game. You will move around the arena trying to paint the most territory possible while defeating all enemies. You must direct your ship carefully when roaming the arena. Spill your ink all over the map to capture the battlefield and make sure nobody is able to attack you back. You need to elude their deadly bullets, if you get hit, you will take massive damage, which leaves you no chance to win. Try to pick up as many kills as possible for additional points, and then you can upgrade your character. Don’t forget to take control of the drones! They will assist you to finish off the rivals easily. The main goal here is to establish your ultimate supremacy in the arena. Let’s give it a shot now! Wish you luck!

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