How to play: Move your ship around the playfield by using the mouse. Make a speed boost with spacebar, click left mouse to fire standard lasers, and use extra weapon with the right mouse.

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About is a Strategy and Asteroids IO game that is very challenging and fierce. You will have to take control of your spaceship around the galaxy to defeat all opponents as well as asteroids and change them into the dust. With a lot of dust you gained, you will be able to improve your ships, giving you a higher chance to conquer the game. There are plenty of extra devices and weapons that are dispersing around the map. Feel free to pick them up to make your ship stronger. You have to aim carefully, then, shoot down all rivals while trying to chase them from behind. Having a plasma gun or any missiles in your hand will make you a true boss of the entire arena! The main goal of the game is to reach the top rank on the leaderboard to lead the match. Give this IO game a try now! Wish you luck!


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