How to play: Direct your symbol using the mouse. Click the left mouse or press the spacebar to change the symbol.

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About is a web-browser multiplayer game with a fast-paced element. You take control of numerous different symbols in outer space to compete against so many other enemy symbols directed by real human players. You must go absorb their symbols, but to do this, you have to make sure that your symbol shape was already changed to match theirs. The task sounds simple to carry out, but very hard to complete! You are required to always have fast reflexes ready during the course of the fight and you must pay attention to what your opponents are doing. They will try to change their shapes to match yours and consume you. Do not give them any chances to wipe you out! You must speed up, move faster, catch up your prey, ambush them all and defend yourself from the dangers around. The final objective here is to rule the entire arena! Give it a try!

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