How to play: Use the left mouse to set power, set direction, then release it for launching.

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Play game to test your launching skill! In this space-themed sports racing game, you will direct a rocket ship and try your hardest to launch it carefully so it can land on a planet without soaking too much damage. You need to make sure that your ship lands on the accurate planet that you have targeted. During the launch, you should stay away from the gravity of other planets because they will pull you in, leaving you no chance to win. Also, it’s very important to elude hitting the rocket ships of other enemies. You can proceed to the next planet if you succeed in landing the targeted one, but if not, you must return to the former one. It’s all about aiming and launching, so have your skills ready all the time! Your goal here is to become the best champion! Are you ready for it? Let’s start your challenges now!

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