How to play: Use the mouse to control your fleet. Click left mouse or press spacebar to fire.

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About is an engaging Space-themed 2D Shooter combat game centering around an epic gunfight in space between cunning players from around the world. You will get addicted to it for sure because of its wonderful gameplay mechanics. You spawn in the arena with a small fleet and you must do whatever it takes to build it larger. Fly around in space carefully to hunt for the enemies, once they get in sight, you must shoot them down from afar quickly before they have a chance to counter your attack. The more enemies you eliminate, the more units you can add to your fleet, which helps develop its size. Keep picking up as many kills as possible while protecting yourself from the enemy attacks. You must focus on growing your size until you become the largest one in space, and that’s when you can totally dominate the leaderboard. Enjoy it! Wish you luck!

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