How to play: Use the left mouse to navigate your spaceship. Press space to fire, use key S to open the shop, key J to land on a planet. Spacebar to take off, key T to place a turret, key M to place a mine, key L to place a landing pad and key S to place a shield when you land on a planet. 

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About is an awesome and exclusive space-themed upgrades IO game giving you a chance to navigate a galactic spacecraft around in the huge cosmos. You will engage in a competition of conquering all planets. There are many opponents that you will come across during the course of this adventure, so you must use the cannon attached to your spacecraft to kill the ones who are standing in your way. Put your effort into defeating all enemy aircraft efficiently without getting destroyed yourself. In addition, you must be careful in deadly asteroid fields because they can deal damage to your critically. To vanquish planets, you can lay your landing pad on the surface of those planets then calling them your own. Remember to take over some power-ups by shooting down stars and collect more health packs to revive your spaceship. Are you ready to conquer it all? Join the game now!

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