How to play: Direct your character using the mouse. Click left mouse or spacebar to smash the enemies. You can speed up using the right mouse or key W.

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About gives you a chance to put your smashing skill to a test and turn yourself into the most dangerous smasher in the entire arena full of enemies. You spawn in the map with a large mallet, so try to use it wisely to smash other players around. During the fight, you need to make sure that you also gather the colored dispersed gems to increase the size of your mallet. After getting it larger, it can help you deal further damage to the enemies, and this means you can finish them off more easily. An important thing here is that you have to protect yourself from being hit by others, or else your size will shrink, causing the game to be over. Also, you must be careful with the large smashers because they will knock you out easily if you stay close to them. You have to survive until you make it to the top of the leaderboard.

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