How to play: The mouse is used for directing your airplane, aim and shoot at enemies using the mouse.

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About is a team-based 2D Shooter ocean game about an epic airplane battle between online opponents. You spawn in the arena of this IO game as a cunning pilot armed with an airplane, and your job is to shoot down all enemies standing in your way while keeping yourself alive. You must chase the enemies behind, and then quickly attack them from the back so they won’t be able to fight you back. You need to ensure that there is no one at your back, or else you will be ambushed by them, causing the game to be over. It’s very important to have some tactics and strategies ready, so you can apply them in the fight to outplay your opponents. Do not let them sneak up on you! You’d better protect yourself from the surroundings all the time, overcome all challenges and fly your way up the top of the leaderboard.

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