How to play: Use the left mouse button for moving your character or attacking the enemies. Press key P for options menu, use key Enter for chatting.

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Fight as a real warrior in an RPG browser-based game called! Before entering the arena, you can create your own character and customize him. When the battle starts, you will have to defeat lots of enemies as well as wicked monsters that keep attacking you. Perform your excellent abilities, prepare some tactics in advance, then apply them in the combat to finish off the rivals easily. You must use your given spear wisely when trying to kill the rivals. Also, don’t forget to improve it frequently so as to power up yourself. You should purchase some health potions in the shop to revive your energy, which enables you to continue the fight. There is a safe zone appearing around the shop in the first spawn arena. You should stay there if you are at risk. Your main objective is to survive until you become the ultimate winner of this combat.

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