How to play: Direct your character using the mouse, click left mouse for rushing forward.

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About is fun free for all Agario game in your browser. You become a cunning rusher roaming a huge arena to kill your opponents using the given stick. When you catch sight of them, you must wipe them out quickly enough before they attack you back. Just a hit from your stick will totally knock them out, however, you have to protect yourself while doing that because others may sneak up on you without you knowing. In that case, you will probably die and have to restart the game from scratch. You should power up yourself by collecting many colored dots dispersed on the ground. They will increase the size of your stick, allowing you to hit others more easily. Don’t forget to use your strategies to outplay them, and stop them from taking over the top rank on the leaderboard because that rank must belong to you! Wish you luck!

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