How to play: Use WAD for moving your character. Click left mouse to fire, use the right mouse to fly, press spacebar for jumping, use key Q to change guns.

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About RangerSteve.io


RangerSteve.io is one of the best 2D Shooter games online with awesome challenges and a mission to take on. You will control your character flying around the map to destroy a lot of opponents by employing many guns. Just like other IO games, killing the enemies is a must, but you also need to protect yourself from the attacks of others if you want to become the winner. The best way to battle is to move around the map without ceasing, and attempt to stay as high up as possible. You will find it hard to hit the enemies while flying, but you can totally aim for many headshots while moving. With a lot of guns, you can change between them during the combat if you want. No one likes to be killed because they want to reach the top to become the best player! This is your goal too, so put your effort into this battle!

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