PumpUp Hero!

How to play: Use the left mouse button for punching, press keys QWE to utilize a special skill.

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About PumpUp Hero!

PumpUp Hero!

Time to be a superhero! PumpUp Hero! is a great web browser game in which you have to fly around the skies as a superhero trying to rescue all people who are in danger as well as attempt to defeat other enemy superheroes standing in your way. When you fly, you will see a lot of planes with balloons scattered around the arena. Make sure you collect them as much as possible to increase your experience points then utilize them to unlock further skills for yourself. When you come across other enemies, you should try to beat them all to increase your size, which makes you stronger than ever. Being a powerful hero is so great, you can totally make others fear you when you’re close to them, but that doesn’t mean you don’t protect yourself. Others can sneak up on you anytime! The goal here is to dominate the entire arena!

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