How to play: Choose the aim’s position using the mouse. Drag the left mouse button backward then release to shoot.

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About Pockey.io


Have your abilities ready for 8-ball pool matches in Pockey.io – an amazing Sports-themed web browser IO game! There are plenty of enemies that you will compete and try to defeat. Before you enter the arena, you should pick the color of your ball, then set an avatar for yourself. Once the match begins, you start potting the balls in the pockets and attempt to pot the hockey puck in the goal. Make sure you present accurate shots, don’t forget to create a powerful shot that can give you a better result. If you succeed in potting an 8-ball, you will earn one point, but potting the hockey puck will bring you two. Therefore, you should pick carefully and play with good strategies to outwit your opponents. The main goal is to become the Pockey champion! Can you achieve it? The challenge is on! Jump into the game right now! Good luck!

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