How to play: Use keys W/S or up/down arrow keys to move the ship. Control it with the mouse. Shoot with the left mouse, auto fire with key E and number keys -16 to use your skills.

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About Piratez.io


Fight like a true pirate in an awesome ocean combat game called Piratez.io! The main tasks here are to capture the pirate ships of your enemy pirates and build your ultimate dominance in this island. To achieve these goals, you have to engage in the fight against the rivals then use your weapons to finish them off. With the cannons attached to your ship, use them wisely to shoot at others from afar. You are able to demolish them from a long distance. Earn more experience points whenever you level up. At level 10 and 25, you can upgrade your ship to a new one that is much stronger. There are many ship upgrades featured in the game, like Roebuck, Happy Delivery, Fancy, Revenge, Royal Fortune, Golden Hind, Adventure Galley and more. You must fight with good strategies and turn yourself into the best pirate of all to become the ultimate winner!

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