How to play: Direct your ship using the mouse. Click left mouse to fire, use spacebar for speeding up and press number keys 1-4 to upgrade.

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About PirateBattle.io


Pirate Battle is a web browser Upgrades game giving you a chance to become a pirate trying to vanquish the seas. You step into an oceanic battle full of enemies and you must try your hardest to finish them all for a chance of winning. Take control of your pirate ship carefully when you make your way through the arena. Gather as much gold, silver, and other items as possible then use them to purchase further upgrades for your ship. When you make a progress, you can upgrade some ship’s stats too, like health, armor, speed. Once your ship becomes much more powerful, you will find it easier to destroy the enemies using your cannon fire. However, during the course of the battle, you’d better elude the deadly shots from others and attempt to outplay them with your tactics. Survive longer until you build your dominance on the seas! Have fun!

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