How to play: Use the mouse to direct your character and let it jump.

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About Pie.ai


Prepare your skills for a hilarious and interesting adventure in Pie.ai which is a nice Agar.io Style IO game. The game takes you to a huge arena where there are so many players trying to jump from this pie to another one. You need to control your own character and let him jump around the map to eat a lot of pies as well as defeat all enemies. There will be a lot of AI drones chasing you down, and when they get closer, they will release cherry bombs to blow you up. Hence, you must stay away from the jam, or else you will die easily. When your energy is run out, you need to absorb a healing pie, then, quickly take a leap right into the hole to recharge your energy. If you keep your energy low, you may be targeted by the enemies. Attempt to jump further, survive longer and become the best player of all!

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