How to play: Use keys A/D or left/right arrow keys or mouse to move your bird. Press spacebar for dashing, use keys WSP for grabbing.

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About Piaf.io


In the world of Piaf.io, every player will become a little cunning bird (also known as Piaf)! They have to fight and kill each other using their balls for a chance of ruling the arena. You control your own one and must use the ball wisely to hit the rivals that are nearby you while staying away from their balls. Besides that, you need to keep yourself away from the red outer area, if you touch it, the game is over instantly. Also, make sure that you keep your bird flying all the time. Don’t fall down, or you won’t win. Try to eat more food that is dispersed around the map to collect more balls, giving you further strength to fight against other. In addition, the more food you gather, the bigger size your Piaf will reach. You must survive until you reach the top rank on the leaderboard. Have fun!

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