How to play: Use the mouse to control your fleet of sperm in the game.

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About Ovar.io


Ovar.io is a fun web browser game following the .io concept. It’s a free-to-play Power-ups game in which you control a fleet or sperm around a huge map trying to destroy as many other sperms as possible. You have to steer your fleet carefully and make sure you won’t make any mistakes throughout the course of the fight. Try to elude the sperm classes that are stronger than you, capture a lot of ovaries as well as pick up more power-ups then use them to outplay all opponents. You’d better prepare some strategies in advance then develop them through over time. If you play with good strategies, you will have a higher chance to win. The enemies are so aggressive and will get harder as you progress, therefore, you must protect yourself all the time. There is also a leaderboard in this IO game. Your goal is to reach the highest rank to dominate the arena.

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