How to play: Click left mouse to direct your ship. Use the left mouse to perform your actions.

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About Oreshk.io


In Oreshk.io, you have to fly around in space with your spaceship and utilize some given modes to cope with the enemies, like sword mode for attacking, shield mode for protecting and hand mode for collecting crystals. You should gather a good amount of crystals then spend them on upgrading your ship. The more you upgrade, the better it is! There are many enemies you will come across during the game, they are all displayed in colors. You can easily destroy the green ones while you must stay away from the red ones. The yellow ones are somewhat stronger than you, but you can defeat them using some effort. Don’t forget to prepare some good strategies in advance then apply them to the battle the rivals more easily. Keep powering up your ship, survive as long as possible then build your ultimate dominance in the entire galaxy. Have fun and good luck!

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