How to play: Control your fleet using the mouse. Press spacebar to speed up, and press key 1 to purchase a new ship.

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Play a great space-themed Strategy game called! It’s an exciting fast-paced shooter game too, letting you fly around in space with your fleet to hunt for the enemies as well as collect a lot of resources. You need to direct the fleet carefully while you are in the search of resources. Aim and shoot down the enemy fleets as soon as you catch sight of them. You can speed up your fleet to catch up smaller fleets to kill them easily, or you can make a speed boost to dash away from the larger ones, or else they will destroy you. Remember to keep your fleet stick together when you assault the enemies. Also, you should purchase some new ships for your fleet using your collected resources, which will power it up to fight against tougher rivals. The main goal here is to become the king of space. Will you achieve it? Join this IO game now!

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