How to play: Move your character and help him jump over the platforms by using keys WASD. Press key E to throw a grenade, key C to lie down, the mouse to shoot, and the mouse wheel scroll to switch the weapon.

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Challenge your shooting abilities in game and try to become the best fighter of all now! This 2D Shooter IO game takes place in an arena where there are so many players from around the world. You can see a bunch of platforms with various power-ups. Take control of your character carefully, let him jump over the platforms wisely to shoot down the enemies while trying to stay alive. You need to pick up the power-ups for more weapon ammo and a great shield that will give you more advantages over your opponents. Besides those, you are also able to use the Ghost to become invisible to others for just a few seconds, or throw one grenade to blow them up. Those things will help you deal with the rivals more easily. Try your hardest to stay alive as long as possible so you can get to the top and dominate the arena.

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