How to play: Move your player by using arrow keys or WASD. Press spacebar to kick the ball. Use key Shift or key Z or M to use a booster.

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About is a soccer-themed game online where you will play with a lot of opponents worldwide. If soccer games are your cup of tea, then make sure you won’t miss this game. It’s a soccer competition between two teams, including the red one and blue one. As soon as you step into the playfield, your team will be decided. The match will begin if both teams are full of players. Similar to the classic football games, your main task here is to cruise around the map to find then kick the ball into the net of the opposing team to score a lot of points. Work with your teammates carefully so that you can defeat your rivals more easily. Try your hardest to earn the most points possible and don’t forget to disturb the enemy team from gaining scores. You need to lead your team to the victory! Wish you luck!

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