Monopoly IO

How to play: Click and interact with everything in the game using the mouse only.

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About Monopoly IO

Monopoly IO

Feel free to play with a lot of online friends in an engaging classic strategy boarding game called Monopoly IO! As you know, Monopoly has been such a popular game for years, and now it’s brought to the web. You can pick a private match or a public match to join then get ready to conquer the challenges. When the game starts, make sure you invest your money in many properties, after that, you can use this as leverage when exchanging with other friends. If you gather more properties of the same color group, you can purchase a lot of houses or hotels, which helps grow the rent you charge by over ten times. If you play the game with good strategies, you will have a high chance to beat all others and become the winner of the match. Let’s give it a shot right now to present your skills! Good luck!

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