How to play: Use the left mouse button to uncover squares, click RMB and hold it to put the flag on.

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About Minesweeper.io


Minesweeper.io is a great Strategy game where you play with lots of other players in the same arena. This Multiplayer game is kind of similar to the classic Minesweeper that you may have played before. All the players are competing against each other in order to see who can remove the most mines, and the best player will be the ultimate winner. In this iO game, you will have to reveal the squares without hitting any bombs. If you find out that there is a hidden mine there, make sure you put the flag on it. Uncovering a square that has a bomb on but no flag on will make your points decrease, which is completely different from the classic game. You will also see some numbers on the board, and you must use them wisely to deduce how many bombs are surrounding it. Try to clear as many mines as possible without triggering bombs so you can gain the most points and win the game. Have fun!

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