How to play: Move your character using arrow keys or WASD. Click left mouse to assault the enemies, use the right mouse or key X to use the secondary weapon.

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About is an RPG Team-based game that drops you in a pixelated arena where you have to pick a side you want to be on, the human team or the monster team then jump into the combat. If you choose to become a monster, your main task is to demolish the city and kill all the humans before they wipe you out. Try your hardest to destroy as many buildings as possible so as to improve your stats, like health, attack power, and speed. But if you become a human, your main task is to kill all monsters while attempting to keep the city safe. Whichever side you choose, make sure you use your primary attack and secondary attack carefully. Don’t forget to pick up some supply crates appearing on the map at random. They will give you more bonus points with awesome upgrades. Can you lead your team to the final victory? Join it now!

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