How to play: Use the left mouse or press the spacebar to change the position between the star and circle.

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About is yet another must-play IO game that surely keeps you glued! In the game, you direct a circle and try to defend your star. You will roam through the arena with the circle spinning around the star, however, the distance is kind of restricted. Make sure you won’t stay away from the star too much since other players can pop up and attack it, causing you to meet your doom. You can try to slay them by hitting their star with your circle. The positions of star and circle can be swapped, so make sure you do this in time to elude the dangers. Don’t forget to pick up many dispersed dots on the floor to build up your level. As you level up, your circle will be much larger as well. Make sure that you play with good strategies to outwit your opponents for a chance of dominating the leaderboard.

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