How to play: Control your lord using the mouse. Press key E to build a house, key R to build a tower, keys T/Y/U/I/O to call for soldiers, knights, archers, barbarians and dragons. Press spacebar for splitting your army.

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About Lordz.io


In Lordz.io, you have to build the biggest army possible for yourself and try to send out your units into the fight to beat all enemies. The game is about a war of medieval lords. You take on a role of a solitary lord who has to fight for his glory. The first thing you must do is to gather more gold coins dispersed around the map. With a good amount of gold, you can spend it on summoning many units, like soldiers, knights, archers, barbarians, and dragons. Group them together so you will have a strong army. After that, you must let them defeat the rivals. Besides building an army, you should also construct some houses to grow your population limit, and don’t forget to place defensive towers to keep them safe from the outer attacks. Never stop building and managing your army! You have to fight with good strategies so as to dominate the area. Good luck!

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