How to play: Use spacebar for charging and shooting laser, click left mouse to speed up.

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About is an ocean 2d shooter game. You spawn in the oceanic arena as an aggressive shark armed with deadly lasers. Start roaming the map carefully to hunt for a lot of enemies and use your lasers to destroy all of them before they attack you back with their lasers. There are many orbs scattered on the floor. Try to pick them up to get more points and once you have earned a certain amount of points, you can totally evolve into a stronger shark. Make sure you stay watchful for the surroundings as you move around the map because the rivals can ambush you anytime. Be fast and cope with others in time! If you survive longer, you will have a higher chance to dominate the leaderboard. You have to fight until you become the most dangerous shark in the ocean! Are you up for this challenge? Join the game now and prove your skills!

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