How to play: Move your soldier using WASD. Shoot at enemies using the left mouse. Reload your guns with key R, use spacebar for jumping, key Shift for crouching and key F for spraying paint.

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Shoot down all enemies in like crazy and turn yourself into the best pixel soldier now! You enter a huge arena of this 2D Shooter game with a good spirit and a hope of achieving the victory. As a soldier, you must use your weapons, like spray guns to kill everything in sight. In addition, you can totally spray paint on walls or on the enemies too. Make good use of your strategies that you have prepared in advance to outwit all others and don’t forget to defend yourself at the same time as it’s easy to get ambushed. The more kills you pick up, the more points you earn, which gradually takes you to the highest rank on the leaderboard. Try your hardest to survive for as long as possible then establish your ultimate supremacy on this battlefield. Jump into the battle and take this chance to show what you’ve got.

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