How to play: Use WASD for the movement. Use the mouse or spacebar to fire an enemy. Press keys 1-5 to change your weapons.

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About is a tough 2D Shooter team-based in a browser. Before jumping into the arena, you can pick your favorite size, which is either Human or Vampire. When the battle is kicked off, you must roam through many lands and work with your teammates to defeat the opponents. Be sure to gather a lot of orbs to increase your level and keep your skills upgraded. There is a wide range of weapons you can utilize to wipe out the enemies such as bananas, arrow, shuriken, nikita remote-controlled-missile, lightning, bats and darkmatter. Always support your teammates when they are in trouble and they will help you back when you can cope with the threats around you. Level up yourself as you progress, you will get some skills points, and can spend them on learning or improving your skills. The main goal here is to stay alive until the very end of the fight. Good luck!

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