How to play: Fly around the space with your starship using WASD or arrow keys. Press key Z/L to break, key X/L to fire, and spacebar to speed up.

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About Kazap.io


Kazap.io is a 2D Shooter Tank game that lets you play as a commander of a starship flying around in space to fight against many opponents. It’s an intense starship battle where only the strongest one wins. You must aim and shoot down all rivals when you catch sight of them, gather their orbs quickly when you wipe them out while trying to protect yourself from the deadly laser fences encircling around the map or even the deadly bullets shot by others. If you touch the fences or get shot, you will get destroyed, causing this IO game to be over. Don’t forget to gather orbs or pick up more kills for increasing your score. When you earn a lot of points, your size will be increased, and your ship becomes stronger. Try to play with good strategies so you can dominate the leaderboard. Are you up for the challenge? Come play it now and beat it!

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