How to play: Use the mouse to interact with the buildings and other objects in the game. 

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Here comes another exciting Tower Defense Strategy game you won’t want to miss! Say hi to and prepare your skills for a lot of challenges. In the game, you are given a small castle with 10,000 gold, now your challenge is that you must expand the castle as well as increase the amount of gold. Building stuff is the only way to get more gold, so try to build a tree, a village house, a city shop, a tower or even a factory. Your income will be much more increased thanks to those buildings. But, make sure you defend the buildings by placing many special cells around them. The cells can save your buildings from soaking damage dished out by the enemies. At the same time, you can attempt to bomb the enemy cells, destroy their buildings and wipe them out. You’re fighting for a chance of becoming the best player! Good luck to you!

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